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Slot Machine Tournaments

Online Slot tournaments were introduced by casinos as a way of making games more interactive between players, adding a competitive edge that these types of games just didn’t otherwise offer. Since their inception, these events have allowed players to interact and play with each other, bringing the real money casino feel, all the while making things much more competitive, something that really isn’t present in land-based gambling establishments.

With tournaments, gaming sites play host and decide which machines will be featured, as well as the pre-set time frame or number of spins for each contest. The objective varies from one event to another, but many times, the aim is to see who can last the longest (without running out of casino chips), while other tourney winners will be the player who saw the highest return on his spins. Generally speaking, there are usually separate payouts for the winner, outside of standard payouts, since they are so often funded with credits that players buy as they would buy into any other event. For instance, all players buy in for $10 and get 2,000 chips to play with. When those chips are gone, the results are tallied, depending on the requirements for that event.

Rules & Terminology

Since these events vary from one site to another, there are no specific rules and regulations. However there are a few things that you need to know before you participate.

  • Buy in Fee: this is the amount that you must part with so as to secure a spot. Typically, you will be supplied with a preset number of credits when you buy in.
  • All you stand to lose is your buy in fee since in essence; you are usually playing with “play money” or casino chips.
  • Everyone has the same odds in winning or losing.
  • Time Limit: In timed tourneys, all players have the same time frame to play.

Tips & General Advice

  • Play Fast: In timed slots tourneys, all players have the same time frame to play, so it is important you play fast so as to make the best out of your spins. Each spin increases your chance of winning, so keep your hand on the spin button.
  • Focus: There is always a level of excitement that comes with winning combinations, and at times, you will want to look at the scoreboard to see exactly what you have won. Avoid these temptations except during breaks because they will distract you and cost you time and spins. Save your excitement for the end result.
  • Rest: Ensure you are well rested before playing. You should have enough energy and focus to make it to the end, so that you do not tire halfway through and end up playing with your flag flying at half mast.

Overall, online slot tournaments are a great way to meet other players, and it also helps do away with the monotony of playing online slots alone. Above all though, they give you a chance to win big jackpots, so stay focused and play to win.

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