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Loot A Fruit

Loot A Fruit Slot Machine

You know that feeling when you open the curtains up in the morning and look out on slate grey skies, black ice and the kind of wind that looks cold? The best remedy is always getting online and booking a flight to the Caribbean, right?

Clearly not everyone is in quite such a privileged position to do that, but nevertheless Loot A Fruit is a wacky, off the wall, five reel slot machine that kind of almost makes up for not actually being able to do/afford that luxury. Presenting a whole load of tropical fruit characters, and hitting you with the incessant (and, after a while slightly irritating) sound of steel drums on repeat, the whole thing oozes the charm of St Kitts or Barbados, and all the better for it, especially if you’re playing in the very bleakest of midwinters.

Five a Day

So you’re basically looking to match up three, four or five of the same kind fruit characters. These include a happy lady orange wearing a cute hat with flowers in, a zany banana with its tongue hanging out, a cool, laid back watermelon wearing sunglasses and kicking back in the heat, cherries listening to tunes and a lackadaisical coconut.

All the characters give the impression of genuinely having personalities, their expressions and stances are so unique and telling, and this really adds to the enjoyment of the game, even going so far as to make you crack a few smiles as you start amassing winnings (all being well, that is).

No Apples, but No Doctors Either

Before you begin playing Loot A Fruit you’ll want to understand how the game works, and what parameters can be adjusted.

Unlike many online gamblers, there are no options to adjust the number of pay lines in play. Basically, match combinations of the same fruit anywhere on the reels and you will win some money, it couldn’t be simpler, and that is definitely to the benefit of this gambler.

One thing you can change is the Coin Size– the more you add to this the more money you stand to win when your matches come up, but obviously this means the more money you are putting down on each individual bet, so when the going gets tough, as it can do, you might want to bring this back down to a more sustainable level. Or not.

Raw Food Energy

With so many bright colors and sprightly graphics it should surprise nobody to learn that Loot A Fruit is a very energetic and busy gambling experience- definitely one to be filed in the ‘Loads of Fast Fun’ section of the online casino game world.

It’s actually quite limited once you scratch beneath the surface, though. There are no bonuses, there are no scatter or wild symbols, although there is a way of getting Free Spins which is always a good thing.

For every consecutive non-winning spin, the Free Spins meter – which says 5 More – will fill up by one. Once you’ve been on a bad luck streak for long enough you’ll actually reap the benefits of five free spins, and you also get to see the meter set on ablaze which looks pretty cool too. Obviously five spins isn’t the most generous of handouts up against other games on the market, but at least it’s better than nothing. Not that we want to sound negative, this is definitely a positive gaming experience in our humble opinion.

Loot’s a Beaut

Loot a Fruit may not have many added bells and whistles, but it has enough steel drums to more than make up for that. Although it looks like child’s play, this is one of the most serious and straight to the point gamblers we’ve used in quite some time. There is quite literally nothing to do other than choose how much you’re in for and then start the reels spinning, no unnecessary distractions.

Even so, it still manages to retain the all-important element of fun, what with the drawings themselves, and this means that your time spent playing on this won’t feel boring or like you’re wasting hours on a dull, lifeless attempt to win some money. Fire this one up and you can actually enjoy the experience of getting that little bit richer, which only makes the winnings sweeter when they finally arrive.

On the whole, then, there’s not much else to say other than yes, yes, and three times yes.

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