Skull Duggery

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Skull Duggery

Skull Duggery Slot

Gaming and gambling, whether you like it or not, is often seen as a not-so-cool way to earn some cash. While it is true that most slot players resort to slots only in order to have some light hearted fun, the very idea of ‘conmanship’ still can’t escape the business.

Taking a jibe at this very perception, Microgaming has introduced an off-the-beaten-track video slot that is sure to address the needs of some wicked fun and entertainment that most slot fans have.

It’s cool. It’s fun. It keeps you guessing. And it pays out well with a high RTP. Do we need anything else? Well, actually, yes we do…

Draw The Anchors, Unfurl The Sails, The Sea’s Calling!

The spirit of a mariner’s life has never been captured better than by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his epic ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. If you are a literary person, this very epic is what you are going to recall as you log into Skull Duggery slot.

Driven solely by the passion for the wind and the waves that pirates have, Skull Duggery requires you to explore your bad side for a while, although in a jest and nothing else. Losing your garb of sophistication and embracing the life lived by the hour will surely be a whirlwind of an experience. So, be prepared for it!

Being a rather aged slot (about 7 years old), Skull Duggery features a playing field of the bygone times. Five reels and 9 paylines are all you will have to work with, and hence, we would urge our wannabe pirate-slotters to be just a little careful, even as they are pursuing the life of madness and recklessness.

Nine paylines also mean that you will be required to wager rather judiciously and plan your slot strategy to suit, because there’s nothing more painful than striking a hot combo on an unfunded payline!

Coins Of Gold, Marks Of Silver

Pirates deal in gold, silver and everything that glitters. Therefore, it only makes sense that the coins provided to you here are all shiny and inviting. But as the rules go, you will only be able to wager 45 coins per spin, that is 5 coins or less per spin, per line. To compensate this meagre amount, coin value has been upped by Microgaming, with the bottom cap being set at 1 cent and top cap fixed at $1.

The sighs heaved by high-rollers are already upon our ears, and we wouldn’t blame them if they end up leaving the house in search of slots with better prospects. Newbies and part-timers can, however, stay – this slot is just the perfect one for you!

The Wild And Windy Night

The skies are dark, and clouds are conspiring. Your luck seems to all but desert you and you are hanging by the slightest of threads. This is when a true pirate rises against the odds and comes out on top. To come out on top, here in Skull Duggery gameplay, you will need some help from the wild of the slot – the logo of the game itself.

It can help you manoeuvre regular symbols into meaningful combos that pay off, as well as get bonus cash prizes in the form of multipliers. The highest multiplier we’ve heard of in this slot is x3, which, in any way, is not bad at all.

The Night Of The Thief

It’s not a surprise that thieving and piracy go hand in hand. So, the scatter symbol here – a pretty comical thief – will certainly help you out of the pickle of a half-cooked spin.

A maximum of 5 scatters can be had in one spin, and they help you trigger free spins as well as an occasional bonus round.

Bonus round can also be activated without scatters, by somehow bringing three or more bonus symbols – Scatter Skulls. The feature is called Booty Bonus, in which you will be assisting the captain of the ship to determine who helps you win an assured booty with every spin.

Salient Features

In other features, the autoplay mode is definitely worth mentioning, as it allows to just sit back and count on your luck.

Also, the spin accelerator and per-spin assured cash prizes make for a nice touch.

Skull And Skill

All in all, Skull Duggery is a slot that is fully loaded with mad adventures and thrilling action. Although the slot is not that lucrative and aimed at low stakes players, it certainly is value for your money and time – especially if you love the reckless life on the sea!

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