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Gold of Egypt Slot

Gold of Egypt Slot

Egypt is one of the world’s oldest and most enduring stories. Over 4,500 years ago, before the great city states of Rome and Athens were even conceived, one of the world’s greatest civilisations had begun to take form. Three pyramid-shaped structures were arising from the banks of the Nile as a testament to the great riches and wealth of the region. Created for the great Pharaohs of Egypt, these tombs were stocked full of gold, jewels and other great treasures.

In the online slot Gold of Egypt by Novomatic you can play for real money to win a little gold for yourself, and you need not raid the tombs of the Pharaohs to get it. Indeed playing Gold of Egypt is as simple as pressing the start button and watching the reels spin. It may not be one of the seven great wonders of the world, but it is a fine way to spend your time without a Mummy’s curse in sight.

Toot and Come in

At first glance the free Gold of Egypt slot looks like just any other 5 x 3 standard online slot, but when you take a closer look you will notice there are no paylines in the game at all. Gold of Egypt dispenses with paylines altogether and instead considers every symbol on the screen a scatter symbol. In this sense is it perhaps simpler to think of Gold of Egypt as a 15×1 reel, with 15 separate reels spinning simultaneously. If four of any symbol match after any individual spin, no matter where they land or how they are configured, the slot considers this a win. And no gambler will disagree with that.

Gamblers can bet from 0.40 and 100.00, and after a win, the player is asked whether they wish to collect or to gamble. Upon selecting gamble the punter is presented with a truncated pyramid on its head, with the head removed. Inside this upside-down isosceles trapezoid shape there are various bars with the lowermost flashing on and off at the start of the gamble. If you gamble and win you double your money and the bar above it flashes. This continues for a total of ten bars until you hit the jackpot. The alternative way to hitting the jackpot is to get 15 matching symbols after any one spin. Simple!

Unlike many slots which have some sort of choice for the punter to make (like red or black, odd or even) Gold of Egypt simply asks them to press the gamble button and promptly declares this gamble a “win” or “no win”. Removing the element of choice makes the gamble process much faster but it can also leave it seeming a touch arbitrary. There is no explanation as to how a win or a no win is achieved other than by a magic coin toss in the sky.

Scatters Everywhere

Despite the fact that every symbol is a scatter symbol there are, in fact, scatter symbols as well. These are the scatter symbols within the scatter symbols and they are represented by the golden visage of the boy king Tutankhamun. 3, 4 or 5 of these scatter masks trigger the bonus feature of 10 free spins. The free spins feature works thusly: before the free spins commence one symbol is chosen as the bonus symbol for the duration of the free spins cycle. Each time a bonus symbol lands during bonus spins it is held for the duration of the feature with each matching symbol increasing the win. No additional spins can be won during the feature.

Walk Like an Egyptian

If you simply love the idea of becoming a real life Tomb Raider and exploring the treasure troves of ancient Egypt there are a glut of similarly themed games like Queen Cleopatra, Valley of the Gold Egyptian and Lady of Egypt. Despite the similar themes and stylings, the game mechanics of these slots compared to Gold of Egypt is very different.

If you’re looking for something that is more of almost exactly the same, Epic Adventure mirrors Gold of Egypt in both its theme and in its gameplay, but substitutes the Egyptians for the Mayans. Epic Adventure is an Indiana Jones (but it’s not Indiana Jones, it just looks a bit like him) caper which calls upon the riches of the ancient world with a similarly modern 15×1 reel.

Back to Egypt

Gold of Egypt is a nicely executed mobile-compatible slot which calls upon the ancient Egyptian civilisation in order to plunder its wealth of riches. The visuals are crystal clear which is as you’d naturally expect from a modern video slot. The audio and sound production of this game is the only area of the experience which does not support the Egyptian theme. That’s not to say it is bad, far from it, but it is uncharacteristic of the overall package. All in all a very solid game that’s well worth further exploration.

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