Mega 7 Mega 7 Provider Review

Mega 7 is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most exciting online slot providers. With an extensive catalogue made up of bright colors and fun themes, there’s a lot to love coming from this flirty, sparkly, blasting, joyful slot catalogue. 

But that’s just half the story. Mega 7 slot machines are considered some of the best due to their attention to detail when it comes to gameplay. If your thought the themes and graphics were exciting, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see how you can win. Start spinning the Mega 7 collection today to see what you’re missing. 

Dialing the Action Up to 11

Everything about Mega 7 slots is dialed up to 11. The graphics are neon and shining, the themes range from fun to frisky, and even the classic slot themes are given an explosive upgrade. Lightening strikes the Gold of Poseidon slot, the Bingo Go slot looks like the lovechild of Starlight Express and a nuclear bomb, and the collection of Pachi-Pachi Mega 7 slots demos are exciting in their own rite. 

Even the calmer themes, like Cleopatra’s Code has a vibrancy to it that not a lot of games can replicate. And if you want a classic slot theme, like fruit or candy, you’re going to get an explosion of fruit salad or a candy that you can feel fizzing in your mouth.

Anime fans in particular are going to love Mega 7 slots online, as there is a range of games in anime styles, from the flirty Bikini Queens to the cutesy Cat Sushi slot machine. Console gaming fans will like the Muay Thai slot machine that looks akin to Street Fighter, or the Carnival Beats that looks like if Major from Ghost in the Shell played Beat Saber. 

With all these ideas, you can tell that Mega 7 are providers on the very edge of what’s new and trendy. They know what’s going to last in the cultural zeitgeist without relying too much on the classic slot themes with slight variations. It’s worth mentioning too, that all of the Mega 7 slots games feature fun music and sounds effects for a fully immersive experience. For example, the Bingo! Go! music sounds like that which you’d hear on a gameshow, and the Hindu-themed Royal Ganesha slot machine features tangy traditionally Indian music. 

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