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Dice Games

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Dice Games

If you love the thrill of rolling dice, you’re going to have a blast playing dice games online. Often found listed under the heading “specialty games” when the online casino doesn’t have a dedicated dice games section, these fast-paced games offer gamblers something a little different.

The sheer number of outcomes that can occur from rolling dice is one of the main reasons why dice games have become so popular when it comes to online gambling. For example, let’s look at the possible outcomes for a dice game that uses two six-sided dice. Every roll of these dice would generate up to 36 possible outcomes, as that is the total for 6×6. To create even more outcomes, online casino software providers who specialize in developing dice games often increase the number of dice used. Whenever they throw in grids and boards, things get even more exciting.

How to Play Dice Games Online

There is no need to hone your dice-rolling technique, as you’ll simply be clicking a button to roll dice across the screen whenever you play dice games online for free or real money. Just as online slot machines that consist of dice symbols use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the result of a spin, the same is true when it comes to determining the result of a dice roll when you play online. It’s also worth noting that each of these games undergoes stringent testing from gaming fairness and testing companies to ensure it is safe, fair, and completely random.

Online dice games come in various shapes and sizes. The structure is easily changed by amending the number of grids you are required to fill, as well as the number of dice that are used. These grids are used to line up columns of dice, usually three rows high, in the hope of matching symbols across a payline. We’ve noticed that dice games with four 3×3 grids seem to be the most commonly used structure at online casinos. Something that is consistent across the board when it comes to online dice games is the pay table, which can be found positioned above the grids. This saves you having to click a button and memorize payouts for each winning roll.

So, how do you get started? It’s very straightforward. Simply select your stake and click on the “start” or “roll” button provided – this varies between software providers. Dice will then be rolled, often several times depending on the type of dice game played, to determine whether you’ve won or lost. Anything you win will be displayed using points. These points correlate with how much you have staked, and are then converted into credits upon completion of each round. It really is that simple!

Free to Play Dice Games

Action Vs. Strategic: What’s the Difference?

Interestingly, most dice games can be categorized in two ways: action and strategic. Not all online casinos categorize dice games like this, but it’s easy to determine which type of dice game you’ve loaded simply by how it has been designed.

When it comes to action dice games, you’ll simply be rolling the dice and witnessing the result of each roll. These types of dice games come in many different forms. Some require you to roll specific numbers in each grid, while others require you to match dice across columns – much like an online slot machine. A prime example of an action dice game is Six Dice. It consists of six grids, each of which has a single row for three dice to be rolled. Each of these grids has a number associated with it, from one through to six, and the idea is to match any two or three dice of that number. There’s no thinking involved here – simply roll the dice and cross your fingers for wins to roll in.

A little more thought is required whenever you play strategic dice games, so make sure you’re wide awake before you play any of these for real money. Strategic dice games usually consist of four 3×3 grids. Once the round begins, you’ll roll a three-dice combination before choosing which of the grids to place your dice into. You’ll have to pay special attention to each grid as they fill up, as the idea is to match dice horizontally and diagonally. It’s also worth noting that each column of dice is placed in the leftmost position of each grid. One of our favorite strategic dice games is Random Dice. It awards bonus points to players for securing three or four winning grids, along with 200 extra points for filling a whole grid with the same dice symbol.

Which Dice Games Are the Most Popular Online?

Dice games are nowhere near as plentiful as slot machines and table games, but there are still several of these for you to try. Which one you get to enjoy the most ultimately boils down to the type of dice games you like best. That said, we’ve got a few favorites that we recommend you give a go.

Dice Fortune by Stake Logic is a strategic dice game renowned for its wheel of fortune. If you’re lucky enough to get a free spin on this wheel, you can brace yourself for prizes worth between 100 and 1,000 points. You could even trigger a mystery bonus game that promises up to 100x your stake. Hours will quickly pass by if you give Dice O’clock by Gaming1 a try. It’s another strategic dice game, this time boasting the mechanisms of an old clock tower. The idea is to climb to the top of the tower and spin two wheels to reset the time. If you’re successful, you’ll pocket big prizes and gain access to intriguing mystery games.

It’s also possible to play Yahtzee online for real money. The objective of the classic dice game is to score more points than your opponent after thirteen rounds of rolling five dice, while making certain combinations like a straight and full house. While it would be great to play against other players in a multiplier mode, you’ll have to settle for competing against a computer program for now.

Roll Your Way Around the Monopoly Board

Can you remember the thrill of playing Monopoly as a child? Do you recall rolling those two six-sided dice to move around the board while building your very own property empire? Let’s face it, we all wished those fake notes we got our hands could somehow be transformed into real cash. Well, thanks to Monopoly on a Roll by Nevada-based gaming giant International Game Technology (IGT), they can.

Monetized versions of board games are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos, and there are none we love more than Monopoly on a Roll. Played on a miniature board that consists of sixteen sections, Monopoly on a Roll requires players to roll two dice each turn, enabling them to travel up to twelve positions every roll. Packed with special features like the Get Out of Jail Bonus, the Free Parking Bonus and the Go Bonus, it’s an exhilarating dice game where you get to bet on where you will land. Fingers crossed you roll your way to Mayfair!

Our Thoughts on Dice Games

As you can probably tell, we’ve got a soft spot for dice games. They have straightforward rules and are very fast to play – especially action dice games. That said, we much prefer playing strategic dice games. The reason for this is that strategic dice games require an alert mind, as you must choose the most appropriate grid to place your set of dice into. You’ll feel a greater sense of achievement after every win, knowing that you’ve won some cash by making the correct decision.

Dice games might not be plentiful at online casinos, but they are a great option to have when you fancy a break from online slots and table games. So give them a try today!

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