Learn How to Make Fast and Safe Deposits with paysafecard

If you’re looking to gamble with a prepaid card, it’s hard to beat paysafecard. This payment method if available in over 50 countries and can be used for shopping as well as betting. So, why gamble online with paysafecard?

First of all, you can make transactions at most online casinos. It’s become a really common option. Secondly, your payment details will always be hidden to merchants.

Not sure where to start? If you’re looking for the best paysafecard online casino, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed the best paysafecard casinos available in your location, according to our experts. Check them out below:

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Why Gamble with paysafecard?

Paysafecard has been around since 2000 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The service was acquired by leading e-wallet company Skrill in 2015. The entity is now owned by Paysafe Group.

When you use paysafecard, you do not need to have an online bank account. Instead, you just need to pay at a shop and your card will be loaded. Afterwards, you can use your funds online with a PIN code given to you.

With paysafecard, you can do a lot more than gamble. It’s easy to find online stores that accept paysafecard. So, if you want to spend some on gambling but have leftovers, you can use it on other services like Skype or online shopping.

The main benefits of gambling with paysafecard are:

  • It’s available at many of the best slot sites.
  • You can use the card on multiple paysafecard casino websites if you wish.
  • No bank account is needed to deposit into your betting account.

How to Deposit with paysafecard

Depositing with paysafecard casinos is easy, but you will need to get a card first. To do this, you’ll need to visit a local store. On the paysafecard website, you can use the interactive map to find the closest paysafecard locations to you.

When you’re at the shop, you will need to ask the merchant to fill up a certain amount on your card. Depending on where you are in the world, you can pay by either cash or card.

After depositing on your favorite paysafecard online casino, you will normally see your funds within seconds.

Below is a step-by-step guide to depositing at real money casinos with paysafecard online.

  • Step 1

    Go to the store and purchase a card.

  • Step 2

    When you get home, log onto your favorite betting site.

  • Step 3

    Go to the payments section and select paysafecard.

  • Step 4

    Type the amount you want to deposit. Make sure the amount you enter meets the casino’s minimum deposit requirements.

  • Step 5

    Enter your 16-digit PIN number when redirected to paysafecard.

  • Step 6

    Tap ‘pay’. If you’ve got the right amount of funds, your payment will be accepted.

How to Withdraw with paysafecard

Did you think that you could only use paysafecard vouchers to deposit with betting sites? Good news – you can withdraw your winnings too.

Paysafecard has introduced Payout. Thanks to this feature, you can deposit to your accounts and withdraw from an ATM. To use Payout, having a paysafecard sign-in for your account is necessary. You can do this on their website.

You should also keep in mind that for standard accounts, you can only withdraw up to 250 EUR per month. For unlimited accounts, your withdrawal limit is 2,500 EUR per transaction.

Not all countries accept paysafecard for withdrawals. If this is the case for your location, consider digital wallet options like Skrill and NETELLER.

To withdraw with paysafecard from an online casino:

  • Step 1

    Go to payments and select the option to withdraw.

  • Step 2

    Choose paysafecard on the list of withdrawal options.

  • Step 3

    Enter your details and how much you want to withdraw.

  • Step 4

    When the savings are in your my paysafecard account, go to an ATM.

  • Step 5

    Withdraw your winnings. You can then choose to deposit them into your main bank account if you wish.

Overview of Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Paysafecard’s big upper hand on other payment methods is that it’s largely free. You do not need to pay a fee in many cases, though there are some exceptions.

If you’re depositing with a paysafecard casino in another country, you might need to pay a conversion fee for using a foreign currency. Should you not use your card within six months, you will be charged a maintenance fee of 3 EUR per month.

For refunds, you will also need to pay a 7.50 EUR redemption fee.

We’ve already talked about ATM withdrawal limits for Standard and Unlimited accounts. One more limit you should be aware of is that you can only withdraw up to 15,000 EUR per year with paysafecard Unlimited accounts.

Depending on the casino you deposit with, you may have to pay certain additional fees. However, this varies from site to site.

Paysafecard Pros and Cons

Paysafecard is an attractive option for deposits, especially if you want a method that’s available at lots of casinos and don’t want your banking details tracked.

On the other hand, withdrawing is not always easy, and in some countries it’s downright impossible.

Below is a list of pros and cons related to gambling with paysafecard.

  • Discreet payments: you don’t need a bank account to deposit with paysafecard.
  • Few fees: using paysafecard is mostly free.
  • Convenient: all you need is a 16-digit PIN and you’re ready to deposit.
  • Withdrawals are difficult: you cannot withdraw directly to your bank account and, in some countries, can’t withdraw at all.
  • Cannot purchase cards online: You can only buy paysafecard cards at land-based outlets.

Where Can I Use paysafecard to Gamble Online?

Paysafecard casinos are pretty common, especially in Europe. For example, paysafecard is used for online gambling in Ireland, Germany, and Sweden. It’s also accepted in countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

You can use paysafecard at both desktop and mobile casinos that provide mobile slots. You can also use it for sports betting, casino gambling and eSports.

However, the service cannot be used with cryptocurrency casinos. If you’re looking for betting sites that accept these payment options, head over to our bitcoin casinos page.

How we Rate paysafecard Casinos

We review all paysafecard casinos so we can shortlist the best ones. Below are the top criteria we use to rate casinos accepting paysafecard.

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Paysafecard FAQs

Is paysafecard a good option for online gambling?

Paysafecard is a very good option for gambling online. You can use the service to deposit without too many challenges and the method is accepted at numerous sites.

Is paysafecard safe to use at casinos?

If you’re concerned about security, paysafecard casinos are an excellent option for you. When you use the card online, it works exactly like it would if you paid by cash at a land-based casino. The casino does not see your payment details.

How do paysafecard deposits work?

When you have bought your card, you need to go to the payment section of the paysafecard online casino. On there, you can pick a depositing option. After that, enter your desired amount and 16-code PIN, then confirm.

What are the best alternatives to paysafecard?

If you’re put off by paysafecard’s limited withdrawal capabilities, or there isn’t a nearby paysafecard location to you, consider looking at digital wallets instead. Popular methods include Skrill and NETELLER, both of which are owned by Paysafe Group.

What’s the maximum deposit I can make with paysafecard?

The maximum deposit amount depends on your betting site. Some will allow you to deposit thousands, whereas the limit is much tighter for others. Before betting, check with your bookmaker to find out your limits.

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