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Crazy Crocodile

Crazy Crocodile Slot

The crocodile may have been around for centuries, but they have hardly received a rapacious wealth of attention as of late. Saying that, after plenty of graft and effort, it seems that the crocodile is all set to receive its very own online slots game. Arriving courtesy of Microgaming, Crazy Crocodile is set to make a big splash on the online casino scene, with many players intrigued by its premise.

Now these crocodiles have received their own casino slot game, people are certainly going to be questioning its credentials. So, does Crazy Crocodile live up to the hype? We’ve checked the game out to see!

Big, Bad, and Full of Bite

The folks at Microgaming decided to create a throwback release with Crazy Crocodile. For this slot game, we are going back in time, as the new title embodies all things “classic”. No fancy animation, no crazy graphics, just a solid screen, and quite frankly that’s all we need. Sometimes, we get a little ahead of ourselves thinking we deserve more and demanding more. Here, we are going to be humbled, as while the theme is a touch on the wacky side, the game itself showcases various classic design elements.

From Crocs to Classics

On top of the above, Crazy Crocodile is also laid out in a fairly classic fashion. We can see the reels on the top left of the screen. On these reels, we have the old school bar, double bar, triple bar, and seven symbols, along with the game-specific crocodile symbol. The banner looks great, as the font interlaces with the crocodile mascot. The mascot itself looks fantastic too, as it appears to be as crazy as the name suggests. They made the jaw of this funky mascot look a little bit goofy just to add some character to this slot game’s mascot. The background is deep blue water that contrasts well against the other objects on screen.

Claws and Teeth at the Ready

Even though Crazy Crocodile is a classic styled casino slot, Microgaming made sure not to use an old style control style. The interface for this casino slot game is up to Microgaming’s usual standards, which says a lot. You can find this interface on the bottom of the screen. You can hit bet one, bet max, or spin to alter the setup of Crazy Crocodile. That is all the controls that you will need for this game oddly enough. Above these buttons, you can see two displays in total bet and total win. All in all, this game really does prove to be well organised, as even novice players will be able to engage in the pick up and play nature of this title.

Moving Through the Levels

There are three “playing” levels within this game, which you may notice thanks to the paytable on the left hand side of the screen. This paytable will light up the appropriate in-game column depending on your bet level. That way, you will be never left guessing as to how much you are going to win when the reels fall in your favour.

Snappy Sounds and Then Some

When it comes down to it Crazy Croc will be more for the hardcore and classic slots lovers out there, largely due to the nature of its base game. This slot game has three reels and one pay-line. The sounds used for this slot game are fantastic, because as the reels spin you will hear the classic casino sounds of slots. Depending on your level of a win, you will hear coins falling out of the game and a special ring signifying your big win. Yes, the game only features a single payline, but that doesn’t stop the game delivering impressive levels of action.

Crazy Crocodile Comes up Big!

This slot game does not let down the classic styled slots from before, even if it does come complete with a truly barmy theme. It is a fun casino slot that brings its own twist to the classic genre.

If you are tired of playing slots that don’t reward you enough for when you win, then this slot is the one for you. If you want to play a great classically themed online casino slot, look no further, as it is right here. Crazy Crocodile has flown in under the radar, but there is no denying that what it brings to the table makes it a game to take note off.

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