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Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers Slots

There is one game that certainly holds a special place amongst kids around the world. No, it isn’t Tag or Duck, Duck, Goose; it’s Cops and Robbers. Cops and Robbers was insanely fun as a young lad, it was a crew vs crew game where a group of kids had to run away from the Cops and if they could do it for long enough they would win. It really was the case of good vs evil; something that other school yard games couldn’t get close today. Thankfully, for the big kid out there, Cops and Robbers has been brought into the casino slot world thanks to Microgaming.

Taking the classic children’s games and throwing it onto the online casino stage, is this a slot that will wear you out with fun or does it deserve to be locked up? Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions and more!

Cartoons with an Adult Twist

Let’s just say, in a hypothetical world, you can’t read. In this world, even if you didn’t understand what the title banner said, you would know what is going on in this game. It is as clear as day, as there are Cops and Robbers all over the place. No matter where you look, you can find one of these cartoon-looking characters, which really work to give this game a jolly overlay.

Animation Perfection

Breaking down the design further, you can find robbers busting out of a store window, in a sewer entrance, under the reel next to a big bag of money, or to the left of the reels checking if the coast is clear. Cops are everywhere in sight too, as you can find them in the bank performing a stakeout or in an apartment keeping an eye out. It makes the presentation fun, as the game isn’t taking itself too seriously. The reels look great and the symbols have received plenty of polish. The cherries and lemons have a soft shine which make them pop off the screen, but are also easy on the eyes. Quite simply, this game looks amazing.

Tailored to Suit

This game is indeed one of the best games out there for one main reason; the user interface is tailored to perfection. You don’t have to access some silly side screen in order to change the game-up and tweak its options, as it’s all on the main screen. When you take a look at the bottom of the screen, you will find the game’s control panel. It fits perfectly with the theme and colour scheme of the game, as it is a bright red. You will find the controls in this order, total balance, cancel, hold, “+”/”-“ (increases or decreases the bet), and spin, with that being pretty much it.

Keep ‘Em Guessing

Cops and Robbers as a game is inspired by the classic style casino slot game of days gone by, but it has applied its own spin to it. It is a three-reel slot with one payline at heart, with this payline going directly across the screen. However, let’s say you have two symbols and only need one more in order to complete the payline. What do you do? Well, you can hit “hold” to hold the reels in place with the symbol you want becoming immovable. That way, you are only spinning one reel in order to get that one symbol. It’s a different way to play, which is always welcome in a casino slot game.

On the Chaser’s Trail

There is also a neat bonus game that promises to be a bunch of fun. This bonus game is called the Chaser Trail bonus game. You will enjoy this game as you can win some really big bonuses such as a 200x multiplier on your original bet. All you have got to do is outrun the cop chasing you by making higher spins than them. Embracing the cartoon-esque nature of the game, the added bonus game really does add to the total slots package made available.

Cop and Robbers and Action!

Cops and Robbers is a game that stands the test of time for children and now will stand the test of time for casino slot players too. This game has a ton of charm and character, which will make it an instant favourite among players all over the world. Skilled, specialist, and stacked full of fun, Cops and Robbers is one Microgaming release that you don’t want to miss!

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