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Chavin’ it Large

Chavin’ it Large Slots

Chav it up big time with this novelty themed 3-reel, 1-payline slot machine by Microgaming software. Chavin’ it Large takes on a comical theme revolving around the British chav – a fabled subsection of society which has been immortalised by certain TV shows such as Little Britain and Shameless.

There is bling, trackie bottoms and Reebok Classics galore in this intentionally gaudy style game. Spin this AWP style slot machine in the right way and there’s a 100x jackpot. There is also a special “Chavistocracy” bonus round in which spinners can claim some whopping benefits with wins up to 500x.

The Story of the Chav

Nothing quite encapsulates modern British society than the phenomenon that is the chav. Adidas tracksuits, Burrberry baseball caps, and Reebok trainers are the essential garb of your average chav, while professional chavs might also be found with an ASBO, some sort of illegal substance and perhaps even a pair of hooped earrings that are big enough for a chihuahua to jump through.

It has to be said that chavs do get a bit of a bad name from the media, often portrayed as poor, uneducated and lacking in any sort of fashion sense and, while there may well be no smoke without fire, the chav has become a staple part of any British town. The truth is, Britain wouldn’t be Britain without the chav!

In honour of the chav subculture, Chavin’ it Large is designed to emulate the same level of tackiness displayed by the scroungers and cheap booze guzzlers of the UK, with a game screen that is filled with Burberry patchwork. The symbols themselves all represent the vital adornments for any proud scally, with golden rings, Burberry baseball caps, and a variety of lush Reebok Classics in poverty pink, benefit-scrounging blue, and giro cheque gold. Of course, the aesthetic of this game does appear quite brash and gaudy – but that’s all part of the chavvy way!

Spin Your Way off the Dole

Chavin’ it Large gives punters the chance to place stakes worth between 0.10 and 10.00 credits on each spin of the game, in the hope that they will win a range of total bet multiplier prizes when certain combinations of symbols line up on the single payline that runs horizontally across the reels. You can see all of the potential wins in the paytable below:

Total bet multiplier
3x Golden ring
3x Burberry hat
3x Any combination of Reeboks
3x Pink Reeboks
3x Blue Reeboks
3x Gold Reeboks

Chavistocracy Bonus

Even though chavs may be portrayed as dossers and layabouts, there are some chavs who manage to transcend their station in society to achieve fame and riches – usually after winning a large payout from something like, we don’t know, a slot machine. Players of this slot machine might be able to make it to the same level of riches as those in the “Chavistocracy” by playing the game’s side game feature, which is triggered by spinning any three consecutive rows of Reebok trainer symbols. Once the game has been activated, a new game screen will open to reveal a Queen chav presented in the finest tracksuit that money can buy with the customary Staffordshire bull terrier.

The aim of the game is incredibly simple. A line up of total bet multipliers will be shown upon a white limousine that is parked in front of a stately home, from 25x to 500x. All punters have to see is hit the stop button to light up a multiplier. It’s as easy as that.

Give It a Nudge

This 3-reel slot machine may seem simple on the surface, but there is much more to the gameplay than first meets the eye. That is because the game takes after the traditional AWP style games that you might find in a good old British pub. As such, the slot has a number of extra features such as hold and nudge buttons which are awarded at random, meaning that spinners have to put an extra little bit of thought into each spin.

A Different Class

Chavin’ it Large is one of many 3-reel slot machines by Microgaming that offer a different kind of gameplay with AWP style features and bonus games. In reality, the game isn’t too difficult to get a hang of, meaning that it is ideal for retro spinners who are looking for a simple game that offers something extra than straightforward spins and typical fruit machine symbols.

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