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Alien Cash Attack

Alien Cash Attack Slots

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a UFO? Nope, it's a 3-reel, 1-payline slot machine by Microgaming which features some out of this world spinning action. Alien Cash Attack combines elements of classic slot machine symbol design with bonus gameplay and a unique alien invasion theme.

But don't worry, because these extraterrestrial beings come in peace. In fact, they come bearing loads of cash to give away to you lucky spinners! What's more, there are lots of interesting elements such as nudges and holds to give the game a certain AWP vibe.

They came from outer space…

Do you believe that we're alone in the universe? Well, by the looks of this slot machine, we are definitely not, because it is all about visitors from another world who come to earth. And somehow, they appear to have loads of money to give away to you slot machine spinners. But they're not just giving it away to any old punter, because you will have to play the game by spinning the reels and lining up the various vintage slot machine icons. Those symbols include cherries, lemons, plums, BARs, 7s and golden bells. There is also an “Alien Cash Attack” logo, which is one of the most coveted icons of the whole game.

The game screen itself is jam-packed with action and vibrant colours. The reels themselves are bright blue and bordered with green and orange alien-like frame, while the scene around the reels depicts cheering humanoids collecting the money which the superior alien visitors are throwing down to them. Is it a trap? Who cares, grab as much of the green stuff while you can!

They came to give us money…

In order to get your hands on some cash, you will have to find three matching symbols upon the slot machine's single horizontal payline. But, this alone won't actually return any winning prizes, instead, players will win a number of “Win Spins” depending on which icon is lined up on the reels, like so:

Win Spins
3x Cherry
3x Lemon
3x Plum
3x BAR
3x 7
3x Bell
3x Alien Cash Attack

After a player has received their Win Spins from the base game, they will be beamed up into the alien spacecraft, where a new set of 3-reels is presented. This time, however, there are 5 paylines laid out over the reels in horizontal and diagonal fashion while there are 6 new symbols on display. These symbols are truly out of this world, depicting black holes, ringed planets, laser ray guns, UFOs, aliens and another “Alien Cash Attack” logo.

Out of this world prizes

During the base game, players can place a total bet on the single payline worth anywhere between 0.10 credits and 10.00 credits. The chosen total bet is then carried into the Win Spins game to be multiplied whenever three of the same alien symbols appear on any of the 5 paylines. The black hole icon will award a 1x total bet multiplier, the ringed planet symbol will pay 2x wins, the laser ray gun will fetch 5x prizes, the UFO will go for 10x and the alien character will award 25x. The biggest win of all, however, is the game's logo symbol which pays total bet multipliers of 500x when three align in the Win Spins game.

AWP style gameplay

If you were thinking that Alien Cash Attack was just another simple 3-reel game, then think again. That is because this slot machine incorporates a variety of special gameplay elements that are usually found on pub AWP style machines, such as nudge and hold buttons. These features are awarded to players at random after any unsuccessful spin, giving them a chance to either hold a reel in position for the consequent game or budge the icons of one reel down a notchbudge the icons of one reel down a notch or two to complete a combination of matched symbols.

Unidentified Spinning Object

Alien Cash Attack is a funky little slot machine from Microgaming software which offers much more than most 3-reel games. Admittedly, this AWP style game might not appeal to spinners who are after some authentically simple spins, because the gameplay is slight complicated by extra gameplay elements such as holds and nudges. Plus, the fact that you can't even win any prizes in the base game might not sound too appealing at first. However, once you progress to the Win Spin reels, you can hope to find plenty of winning potential will total bet multipliers worth up to 500x.

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