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Spicy Chillies

Spicy Chillies Slot

If you can’t handle the heat it’s best to get out of the kitchen and leave it to those who can handle Spicy Chillies.

In this 5-reel online slot game we’re going to be dishing up flaming meals that’ll have your taste buds exploding upon impact. There’s some sizzling bonuses, angry cooked meats, and some close to the knuckle imagery.

The iSoftBet chef is as lively as ever, and while his kitchen may need a good scrubbing or two, he’ll still work away to bring you culinary wonders, though they may be laced with cockroaches. His secret ingredient maybe?

When we ventured into his restaurant and saw what was before us, we needed to cool down with some water for the effects of all those spice and herbs to be washed away – it’s a heady aromatic mix of flavours. But with the €100,000 jackpot cooking away in the background, what’s not to like about trying a few dishes outside of your comfort zone?

Fire Breather

The plump chef behind the Spicy Chillies brand is no stranger to eating his weight in food, his uniform barely able to conceal his belly as he sits down to have a little taste of his creations. The Chef Bonus is where you can hit the 100k mark, which means it’s undoubtedly one of the most sought after samples of the kitchen. As such, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try out the round for you and give you a heads up on what to expect.

Provided you get between three and five of his tile, the bonus level will begin and a table of several dishes will appear before you, the contents of each hidden until the grand unveiling. Players have to choose three of the meals for the chef to try, having to be mindful not to land him one of those insanely hot chillies – you don’t want the chef to go pop, do you!

Mouth on Fire

Being ever keen to keep their gamers happy, iSoftBet has included yet another bonus round in Spicy Chillies, this time titled the Mini Slot Bonus, and it’s linked to the wilds. The wild can sub other symbols, but when you get three or more a mini game will unlock and you can dive right into some old school gaming.

You’ll be given 3 reels, each of them showcasing a fresh assortment of symbols; the highest amount you can win is €500, from the devilish red chillies. The winnings won’t be easy to get though, as you need three matching tiles to make a win, which means you can walk away with no coins or very little. Just as brutal as the spice of any chilli.

Then there’s the scatter symbol, taking the form of four different most wanted posters, with each villain being a sausage, sausages that sadly look like poo. We don’t like pointing out these design errors, but it’s not like you wouldn’t have seen the likeness anyways. Depending on how many you find, you could end up with a multiplier added to your bet worth x250.


Spice gives a lot of us heartburn, but what’s really going to cause you some discomfort is that paytable, and not because of its winnings but because of how it looks.

A lot of the tiles have been made to look like different ethnicities from around the world, but some of the representations feel like they’re too ‘raw’ in their portrayal. Just look at the Thai chilli, it’s definitely hinting at the stereotype of ladyboys said to live there.

Thank goodness this tile wins us as much as 10,000 credits, otherwise we’d be inclined to politely say no to this filling meal.

A Fine Meal?

Given what we’ve already mentioned, it seems unwise to conclude that Spicy Chillies is a meal suitable for everyone, even despite it having a low bet threshold of 2 coins. The reason for this is that its novelty design could easily offend people, whether you believe that to be a silly reason or not. If however, you can look past these issues, you’re sure to savour every bite.

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